For some, the idea of a week's holiday in a remote corner of Scotland may seem a daunting prospect. We would beg to differ, so for those venturing far from civilisation for the first time, we have taken a bit of time to draw up this little guide to help you along your way.

All guests and all holidays are different but, despite differing styles, cultures and ideas, there are a few key points worth noting so everything goes as smoothly as possible. 


As Scottish lodges of this style go, we are very well-situated for ease of transport. However, it is worth planning the travel situation as far in advance as possible to avoid difficulties and high costs. There are several options:


Driving. Driving to the house is by far the most painless option. The scenery is gorgeous as one travels north on the M6 up the Lune Valley and through Cumbria and the edge of the Lake District.  If you use and trust your Satnav, the postcode DG8 0BA will take you directly to the door. Both Apple and Google Maps recognise the Lodge as a landmark and will deliver you safely. View on a map.

Public Transport. Planes either arrive at Glasgow or Prestwick, both with good rail and bus connections. Trains originate at Glasgow and trundle through the stunningly scenic Ayrshire countryside, before terminating at Stranraer Station - once the UK ferry port to Ireland. From there, taxis are available from the station to the house, a thirty minute drive over the hills - local drivers should know the Lodge,  but if in doubt the postcode will takes you to the house. 



Outdoor. Sitting on a hill by the sea, the Lodge near the sea on a hill - it will rain at least once, waterproofs are essential. For nicer weather, hiking/walking boots are a very good idea as there is plenty of walking to be had. Swimming gear, including outdoor towels, might be useful as there are beautiful natural pools on the Estate and sandy beaches not too far away. Speak to the gamekeeper about fishing.

Indoor. As the Lodge is without internet, mobile signal or other distraction, the drawing room is an excellent place to sit, read and play the piano. There is a huge selection of board games, jigsaws and cards awaiting your arrival.


Before you arrive. Groceries and wine can be delivered to the lodge to coincide to your arrival. We would also advise bringing several frozen/chilled meals for quick cooking for the first few days as it can take a while to acclimatise to a new kitchen. 

Once you arrive. Necessities and newspapers are available from the local shops in New Luce and Glenluce, however for more substantial provisions,Tesco or Morrisons in Stranraer are the closest supermarkets.